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Administrative Support Specialist Reston, VA 2016-1845
Application Developer Reston, VA 2016-1831
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1842
Cyber Security Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1843
Cyber Systems Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1847
Finance/Budget Resource Analyst Reston, VA 2016-1832
Information Assurance Analyst Reston, VA 2016-1833
Project Manager Reston, VA 2016-1835
Senior Budget Analyst Reston, VA 2016-1836
Senior Network Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1849
Senior Network Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1850
Senior Wireless Network Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1852
Software Developer Reston, VA 2016-1837
Software Developer Reston, VA 2016-1856
Software Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1838
Software Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1851
Software Engineer - SME Reston, VA 2016-1854
Systems Architect Reston, VA 2016-1839
Systems Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1846
Systems Engineer Reston, VA 2016-1840
Systems Engineer - SME Reston, VA 2016-1853
Systems Integrator Reston, VA 2016-1841
Web Developer Reston, VA 2016-1848

What's New at ASEC?

Can you predict the future? ASEC Data Science is using advanced data analytics, statistical models, and machine learning to develop an algorithm that can predict who would have survived the Titanic based on passenger attributes such as age, ticket price, and passenger class. This is part of ASEC's participation in one of Kaggle's Data Science Competitions. ASEC employees are working together to develop a solution to the Titanic Survivor problem. Participation in these competitions is one more way ASEC employees connect with others within the company and sharpen their skills in high demand customer mission areas.