Enterprise Services

Strategic Planning That Delivers

ASEC can help your organization achieve effective and creative ways to modernize and transform your enterprise services that help elevate challenges that result in delays, cost overruns and misalignment with overall business objectives.

The average years of experience ASEC professionals have
in business & information technology disciplines:

Business Process Management

ASEC’s business process management services helps organizations deal successfully with change while developing a scalable, efficient and increasingly agile approach to business management. Too often organizations focus on technology as a means to an end for business inefficiencies. A true formula for success involves a flexible business process combined with the corporate strategy and technology to get your business where it needs to go now and in the future.


ASEC governance experts can help companies align their IT strategy with business strategy ensuring clients stay on track to achieve their strategies and goals while measuring performance and risk management. IT governance is a subset of Corporate Governance focused on ensuring all stakeholders’ interests are taken into account and that processes provide measurable results. A well-established IT governance framework should answer some key questions, such as how the IT department is functioning overall, what key metrics management needs to measure against the corporate strategic plan and what return IT is giving back to the business from the investment it’s making.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

ASEC has over 20 years of success in various aspects of the Enterprise Architecture domain including business architecture, information architecture, application architecture, technology architecture and architecture governance. We also help to define roadmaps to achieve IT strategies by advancing new technology architectures such as Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM).

Portfolio Management

In today’s environment, IT leaders must make better decisions in order to achieve strategic objectives, eliminating IT redundancy while advancing the business objectives and ensuring interoperability of process and technology. Our Portfolio Management professionals can help clients identify redundant systems and opportunities for collaboration and reuse; finding the optimal balance between IT resource demands and budget constraints by prioritizing investments; identify performing initiatives and addressing unmet expectations and realigning dollars from legacy maintenance activities to value-add investments.